CDIM – Dual Axes Inclinometer

CDIM – Dual Axes Inclinometer



The Model6381 CAN Dual Inclinometer Module is a multi functional sensor / system used for determination of relative angles with respect to gravity. The CDIM can be used as a sensor with the EQSS Gen3 product range, or as a stand alone system in applications such as chassis level or man basket level, maximum angle alarm or cut-out requirements. The CDIM uses state of the art solid state dual axis inclinometers that provide high accuracy in all operational environments. This sensor is factory configured to suit the application as either a system sensor or an angle limiting system where audio and electronic outputs are required. The CDIM is enclosed in a durable IP67 rated enclosure and electrical connections are made via a durable M12 screw lock connector system.


  • Small size enclosure, easily mounted on boom, chassis or man basket
  • M12 screw lock connector with high durability PUR cable
  • Dual axis angle measurement
  • Can be used as sensor node or angle limiting system
  • Dual relay output signals for dual set points of both axis
  • Easy on button zero calibration
  • Internal microprocessor with system watchdog
  • Optional Audio output
  • Used for applications such as RCL or angle limiting


Electrical Characteristics
  • Power Supply
  • Current Consumption
9VDC to 36VDC

110mA @ 12VDC (with 2 control relays energised)

Digital Inputs
  • Digital Input Channels
  • Input Type
  • Detected State Change

Optically Isolated tri-state sense channels

+V, GND, Floating

Relay Outputs
  • Relay Output Channels
  • Contact Form

DPDT (2 Form C), non latching, 10A

Inclinometer / Angle Measurement
  • Inclinometer Channels
  • Inclinometer Resolution
2, dual axis, X & Y measurement ±90º

0.1º, ROC up to 45º/ s

  • 4 Pin M12 Screw Lock X 1
For power & CAN, or relay outputs
Environmental Ratings
  • Operating Temperature Range
  • Storage Temperature Range
-30 to + 110ºC

-40 to + 125ºC

  • Dimensions
  • IP Rating
  • Case Material & Finish
  • CDIM Mass
  • Mounting
134mm x 81mm x 60mm


ABS, White


M4 x 10mm (4)


CDIM Dimensions