DAI – Dual Axis Inclinometer

DAI – Dual Axis Inclinometer


The Model6381F Dual Axis Inclinometer is a multi functional sensor / system used for determination of relative angles with respect to gravity. The system is suitable for use as stand alone warning system in applications, such as, chassis level and man basket level determination, maximum angle alarm or cut-out requirements.

Dual Axis Inclinometer

The Model6381F-DAI uses a dual axis temperature compensated inclinometer and provides high accuracy in all operational environments. It has an in-built WIFI module for easy connection via smart phones and laptops, allowing on site calibration of sensors and access to the data log. This model is factory configured, with additional inputs and outputs to suit the application, as either a system sensor or an angle limiter where audio and electronic outputs are also required. The DAI comes in an ABS enclosure and is IP67 rated.

DAI Features and Functions

  • Compact size for easy mounting application
  • IP67 Rated
  • Dual axis angle measurement ±45º relative to gravity, with temperature compensation and accuracy to ±0.1º
  • 103dB incremental frequency audio Buzzer for Warning and Alarm mode
  • 4×2A FET Dual Channel outputs with power switching
  • 4 optically isolated inputs
  • WIFI connectivity, allowing portable devices such as smart phones and laptops to be connected on site easily
  • Calibration procedures and data logging can be easily accessed over WIFI connectivity
  • Automatic constant self-checks are performed for fault finding


Parameter Specification
Voltage Range 4.5VDC to 35VDC
Current Consumption <400mA
Temperature Range -10 to +75 degrees C
Vibration 100 g @ 50Hz
Humidity 10 to 90% non-condensing
Axis Measurement X & Y relative to gravity
Axis Range X +- 45 degrees relative to gravity
Axis Range Y +- 45 degrees relative to gravity
Measurement accuracy +- 0.1 degrees
Audio output Buzzer, incremental frequency, 103Db
Environmental Rating IP67
System Architecture CAT-3
Performance Level PLd EQSS to provide Compliance Certificate
Zero Set Point Calibration Set by WIFI interfaced
Warning & Alarm Set-points User configurable by WIFI
Internal HPF and LPF Filters User configurable by WIFI
Inclinometer averages User configurable by WIFI
Inclinometer sample frequency User configurable by WIFI
Alarm denouncing / hysteresis User configurable by WIFI
Data logging of events and errors View file by WIFI up to 8000 events (non time stamped)
Internal LED indications Power (green), and Error (Red, flash codes)
System Self-Checking Automatic, continuous, fail to safe.
Power up check Beep on power up after successful self-check performed.
Stability Envelopes User configurable by WIFI based boom angle
Outputs Analogue 4×2A FET dual channel outputs, Power switching
Inputs Digital 4 x optically isolated auxiliary inputs
Device Connection Loop 2 connector pins to form device connected loop
System connector JAE 26 Way MX23 Series (Part Number: MX23A26NF1)
Mating connector JAE 26 Way MX23 Series with 0.5m cable attached (Part Number: MX23A26SF1)
System Connectivity Via inbuilt WIFI module
Enclosure material ABS
External Dimensions 145×104×48.5mm (including mounting flanges)
Mounting holes M6×10mm (4)
Labelling Supplied and fitted by EQSS
Certifications ISO13849, AS/NZS CISPR22:2009, CE


DAI Dimension