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Secondary Guarding Solution for Scissor Lift EWPs

OverWatch - Secondary Guarding

OverWatch™ is the first truly usable, robust, unobtrusive and cost-effective secondary guarding solution presented to the market to date for Scissor Lifts.


Telehandler Load Management System

gen3 display

The Gen3 LMS is our third generation load management system for telehandlers. It allows the operator to work with the rated capacity of the attachment.

Crush Guard®

Secondary Guarding Solution for EWP

crush guard

The EQSS Model 6252 Crush Guard® is a secondary guard solution designed for use with EWPs, which utilises a pressure-sensitive trigger.

What We Do

Equipment Safety Systems Pty Ltd (EQSS) is a leader in the design and development of computer safety systems for the construction equipment industry.

This Australian owned and operated company prides itself on being at the forefront of modern and cutting-edge technology and provides their clients with effective safety systems, which exceed compliance standards.

Equipment Safety Systems recognizes that our customers are always advancing and growing. Hence, we are pleased to present our products complete with our huge range of safety systems, the first of its kind in Australia. Our experienced scientific and engineering staff are also here to assist you with any requirements you might have.

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