OverWatch - Secondary Guarding


The EQSS OverWatch™ is an innovative approach to secondary guarding for use with Scissor Lift EWPs. The system works on the premise of detecting the operator’s position and movements, with respect to the EWP direction of movement.

gen3 display

Generation 3 Load Management System (Gen3-LMS)

The EQSS GEN3-LMS is a load management system designed for use with telescopic handlers. Developed in Australia, it is the most advanced and user-friendly load management system to date.

Crush Guard

Crush Guard®

The EQSS Model 6252 Crush Guard® is a secondary guard solution designed for use with EWPs, which utilises a pressure-sensitive trigger.



The safe flight pattern limiter restricts the elevated work platform to operate only within the safe working area. It also prevents operation if the carrier is not level.


Dual Axis Inclinometer (DAI)

The Model6381F Dual Axis Inclinometer is a multi functional sensor / system used for determination of relative angles with respect to gravity. The system is suitable for use as stand alone warning system in applications, such as, chassis level and man basket level determination, maximum angle alarm or cut-out requirements.