The EQSS OverWatch™ is an innovative approach to secondary guarding for use with Scissor Lift EWPs. The system works on the premise of detecting the operator’s position and movements, with respect to the EWP direction of movement. OverWatch™ uses the latest LIDAR and Inertial Measurement technologies, coupled with a powerful Wi-Fi enabled processor running EQSS proprietary AI and advanced sensor fusion algorithms. The OverWatch™ is the first truly usable, robust, unobtrusive and cost-effective secondary guarding solution presented to the market to date for Scissor Lifts.


  • Real Time measurement of the operator
  • Spatial movement measurement of the EWP
  • Smart AI Algorithms for crush detection events
  • Adaptive sensor fusion code for enhanced detection
  • Small, robust and non-intrusive external sensor
  • Wi-Fi configuration and diagnostics as standard
  • Internal web page accessible by Wi-Fi
  • Audio output with synthesised voice commands
  • Multicolour RGB notification LED
  • Simple aftermarket integration and installation
  • Voice notification of movement direction
  • Duck Through Doorway (DTD) Detection
  • Wide operating voltage for 12V and 24V machines
  • Optical inputs and solid-state high-power output
  • Patented Concept and Technology
  • Measurement of individual operator on dead man trigger
  • Expandable hardware architecture for custom OEM control
  • Real time data logging with event playback 8000+ samples
  • Internal clock for time stamped event logging
  • High Density, UV resistant ABS construction
  • Rapid installation < 20 minutes for OEM supported models
  • Automatic calibration, diagnostics and self-testing
  • Functional Safety architecture to SIL1 / Plc


EQSS OverWatch System Functionality

EQSS OverWatch Operational Demo

Technical FAQ